Lap puppy in a coffee shop

I finally found my coffee shop, a home away from home to study at. Big tables, comfy purple chairs and random puppies. I'm not exactly a dog person but this one's owner asked me to hold her for a minute while she washed her hands. Then she put her in my lab before I could object and she was cute...
Anyhow studying is on schedule and going as planned. My test is scheduled for March 8th, so now it is just about memorizing First Aid and doing World questions every day... when I'm not too busy puppy sitting...


A Walk in the Park- Bunnies on Leashes and Lazy Lion

Week three, day two of studying. Nothing really to report. I plan to take a practice exam at the end of the month and see how much progress I've made. Until then it is just review, questions, First Aid, repeat.

Because I've been studying at home more than not my breaks have been walking to the park. And well the most exciting part of my day is usually found on these walks. I don't know why but a guy had three bunnies on leashes but it made my want to take a picture.

Also last week we had friends in town so I took a study break and went to the Wild Animal Park with them. Lazy lion napping on random car in his exhibit.

Now it is time to get back to chicken-wire and fried eggs. (Hats off to you if you can name the pathology to which I am referring.)


Beware of Polar Bear Liver

Did you know that eating polar bear liver may cause Vitamin A toxicity? Just a random fact learned today.

It is day three of Step 1 studying and besides my four new packages of gum I don't have anything more exciting to blog about right now (but btw, I totally recommend the Stride flavor- Mega Mystery.)

Back to it, enjoy your Wednesday!