Word of the day: Adnexa/ And Path Pictionary IV

Adnexa.Love that word. As in uterine appendages.

We just finished female genital tract today and I am sorry to actually feel this way but it is SO interesting... Now please don't get any ideas,  I don't want to be an OB or GYN. One in the family is plenty... I saw what residency entails. I don't want to be an OB/GYN but I have to say.... it is pretty cool. I mean Chorionic villi, fascinating! I want to study again.

Okay, my fling is over. (Well after A.)

How about these?




Path Pictionary III

Okay so this one should be easy!

And now for a couple of two picture ones.

(Hint- think renal again, more pictures to maybe help with the words.)

________ and ______


And for this one, good luck!  It is on the order of "Butterflies on a fence" as in I really don't know how this describes the morphology but it what says.... And what was stressed in class and lab. I checked, this one is even and objective! Crazy huh?  Don't ask me how the pathologists come up with these things.

(Hint- Think along the same lines as the P'eau de Orange...)


Alternatively the same thing is can also be described by this kind of pattern.

Thanks for playing... Plenty more Path Pictionary to come. Promise!


Spice Queen and the Wonderful, Adventurous, Very Good Day

It was a wonderful, adventurous, very good day!

First I slept in. I love to sleep, especially when I wake up before my alarm clock tells me too.

Then I read the paper and a few blogs. I love to read.

Gypsy picked me up and we met a bunch of friends at her apartment complex to load the vehicles. I got to sample the rum punch and enjoy the view of Prickly Bay Harbor.

Then we drove up the East side of the island, until we got here.

It was the most serene, beautiful, amazing beach. We swam and some of the boys surfed, we ate, we enjoyed the beach. It was a good day.

Then we drove some more. And saw some very old planes. It was a very good day.

We kept driving until we got here.

It was the most heart-breakingly beautiful, black sand beach I'd ever seen. Long and quiet with gray clouds overhead and nestled between a cliff and the ocean. I swam in the choppy waves and was happy.

Then it was dinner time so we headed to the restaurant and celebrated with dinner for the B-day boy. It was a wonderful, very good day.

By now it was dark, but our adventure was not yet over. We saw a leatherback sea turtle come onto the ocean and lay her eggs. We even saw a baby turtles that has just hatched before they went into the ocean for their first time. It was a wonderful, adventurous, very good day!


Path Pictionary II

Okay, here is another one. Think renal!

Path Pictionary

You can find these in reference to three things in pathology. Name them! Answers will be posted Sunday.

* Inspiration- The night before the path exam I was sent a file form a friend of a friend, original source unknown and it was Pathology Pictionary....  bascially buzzword images of a the appearance of something pathological.  It was so fun I decided to make my own. I'll try to share them here. Feel free to comment and guess.

My very non-exciting med school life update: exams came and went. Microbio is over and nutrition is one week down, one week to go. 

Five more weeks... the island is quiet. Only fourth termers remain which is great if you want to print or have grocery options at IGA.  But it is not all roses, I tried to study at Mocha Jumby the other night but they are enjoying summer hours which means closing at 6pm. So sad.... my study spaces are dwindling. First Rituals closed and now Mocha Jumby has useless hours.

On the bright side, today is the start of a three day weekend. And only 1 month, 1 week and 1 day until I'm  headed to California! 


Words/Terms/Diseases I don't know (todays version)

Studying for path miderm. Looking through my notes. Needed to wiki a few, including:
  • coproporyphrins- as in heme metabolits, as in Dubin-Johnson syndrome as in I really need to figure out neonatal causes of jaundice once and for all (ugh biochem)
  • Ewing Tumor- of course, its a sacrcoma! t(11;22)
  • PNET- more tumors for the kiddos (I'm doing peds now if you can't tell)
  • Anaridia, as in the A in WAGR Syndrome = absence of the iris (straight up embryo that I have forgotten, sigh)
That's it. Now I have to do some questions and see how much of that  I retained. Path midterm 4 is in just days then Micro final and CPD written with the practical somewhere in there.... Let the fun begin!


Why People Hate the Path Dept.

Just  a minute to rant. We have a schedule that says we have Path Lab in the same location an exam is scheduled for the 5th termers. These evens are both in the master schedule (or should be) and our known by the University and thus the Departments..... There is no excuse for the Path Dept. not checking the master schedule or once finding out about the exam, letting their students know. Before the day of incident preferably, if that is not TOO much to ask?

Only 15 minutes before lab is schedule to start (after 2 hours of Path lecture in which, maybe someone could have made an announcement) there is nothing on Angel.... I finally get through to the Dept. Secretary and she confirms that yes, Path Lab is canceled. When I mention the fact that maybe an announcement on Angel would be a good idea she says that there in an announcement up, I tell her (nicely) that I am looking at my Angel Home Page and there is NO announcement. Three minutes later I check again and it has appeared, miraculously..... Go Path Dept., this is why nobody likes you!

I am well connected, I found out the info before I walked down the hill and now I have the afternoon off to study. But if for instance I was off campus and had driven here or walked, taken a bus, etc. to just to find out that lab has been canceled I might be a little unhappy. Really, Path Dept. you can do better than that!

End of rant.....Time to study and then I'm going for a quick swim pre-IGA grocery shopping, thank you very much!