Spice Island Queen's 2010 Blog Recap

So here is my blog 2010 year in review (The rules: take the first sentence or line from the initial post of each month). 

What do Minnie Mouse, Santa, Michael Jackson, the Rockettes, Cinderella's carrriage and the nativity scene all have in common? So, third term in a nutshell: Mental Illness - one case The Power of Placebo I just checked my school email and this is the opening line: "There are wild rumors circulating about the water shortage, most of which are very far from the truth." Classic Rock knocked on my door, "come outside and bring your camera." Just a minute to rant.... Each set of pictures describes one pathology (See link to Path Pictionary V). Summer Break- Day 2, I'm here with a new West Coast address. I love the sound of the rain on our tin roof in my new off campus apartment. This sounds crazy even to write but if all goes well I will be celebrating being done with my boards in just six months from today! So one of the things that sucks is not so nice about being in medical school far far away is missing occasions and celebrations. So the week before last I told you all about how much I adored biochem, not! Today marked the last official day of Basic Sciences.

May 2011 bring you much peace and joy. And have a safe and festive New Year's Eve, cheers!


Day Zero (aka home sweet home)

I made it! Yesterday I said goodbye to Grenada and now I'm back in the good old USA with my husband in our cozy apartment and I couldn't be happier. The tree is up (he surprised me) and lit, we plan to decorate it tonight. The weather is a 60 degrees and I'm thinking of flannel sheets and sweaters. I guess after living on a tropical island for two years this is good intro to mild California winters. The Colorado blood in me not so secretly wishes for snow at Christmas but I'll settle for being with the ones I love.

Time to unpack and contemplate studying. I have a brand new 2010 First Aid and RR Biochem not to mention some lovely new pens. I can walk to Starbucks and I get to have good wine and dinner with the love of my life tonight. Life is good. I need to reflect on the past year of medical school but for now I'm just going to enjoy being home. Happy Holidays!


Grenada Goodbyes with 2 Days To Go...

I  thought this post would be easier to write. I'm done. No more medical school in Grenada. In just two days I fly home. Basic Sciences are over and this chapter of my life is closed. It seems both triumphantly amazing and like a big let down simultaneously. 

Since Thursday there have been parties and more parties, several trips to the beach, a drive around the island and sailing trip to another island. I'm not bolting from Grenada but rather making the rounds and saying my goodbyes.

It wouldn't be a pictorial countdown without a picture or more, so... 
The Shadowfax catamaron sail boat that took us around Grenda and to Hog Island. My third time going, love it!

 Christmas spirit in Grenada. Did I mention I heart X-mas lights?

Belmont Estate and Chocolate Factory. Beautiful plantation and they do a nice lunch if you find yourself on the North side of island. If in doubt, go! (Its worth the trip.)


This time tomorrow...

...I will be finishing my final exam of basic sciences. Two years of medical school will be over and I'll just 6 days away from leaving Grenada.

I'm trying to decide what this means for my blog, it will be hard to write Notes from Spice Island when I'm not ON Spice Island but I'll figure something out.

In the meantime I've got some pharm studying to do. And a few more raggae bus decals and pictures to share.... enjoy! (Next time I blog I will be a MS3. Crazy, huh?)

Also seen around town: Log In, Swagger, Bawl & Beg, Street of Heart, Just Amazing, Playboyz, Royalty, Endz Out, The Baddest King, Overcommer and Street Smart.


9 ladies dancing (and I'm dancing too, in celebration of single digits!)

Woo hoo, just 9 days to go. Oh Grenada, I will miss you at some point, in the maybe not so distant future but right now I am ready to go home! Pathophys final is tomorrow (well today) and then pharm on Thurs. The end is near.... So to celebrate and because I love Christmas and dancing so much, here is a hodge podge of of things for your viewing pleasure.

First up a video of an orchestrated dancing mob. Because it is fun. I think I need to find more of these (after exams) but today the credit goes to Everythinghealth.

From the neighborhood, I know it is not the best but I was just so excited that my neighbors had Christmas lights that I had to post this.

And finally, the 12 Days of Christmas lyrics and fun to get you into the Christmas spirit. I know it is bit pre-mature but its my blog and I'll post if I want to!


A Mocha kind of day...

So with only 11 days left on the island I am feeling a bit nostalgic. I spent the majority of my day studying at Mocha Jumby. It was my primary place of study 1st term and while I've been spending much less time here this term it still holds a special place in my heart. They seem to remodel every term but the coffee and food has been consistent and while I have to admit I'm looking forward to Starbucks and discovering new coffee houses for Step 1 studying I will miss this place too.

So to Mocha Jumby and the girls I met here first term I raise my coffee cup!

And some pics of Mocha today, because this is my pictorial countdown after all.


only a dozen to go...

Today marked the last official day of Basic Sciences. Two years of medical school is over (or will be as soon as exams are written next week.) Everyone was a little sad as small group came to a close today. I grabbed all my first year group members from Anatomy lab and we took a picture because it seemed fitting... oh how time flies. Anatomy lab and first term seem both forever distant and remarkably recent.

It is strange to reflect back over the past two years, upon how much we have learned and upon what is next. Third year and clinical rotations means we will all be scattered among many different hospitals and states and save the exams and after exam partying I likely won't see many of my classmates until graduation. I am not sad that basic sciences is over. My love of sitting in a classroom and doing small group busy work is not exactly why I came to medical school. But I WILL miss all my amazing friends and future colleagues (tear.)

Well enough of this reflecting... I'll be stateside in just 12 days and it can't get here soon enough. Now it is time to study my weekend away, for the last time ever in Grenada!

And b/c I heart Dr. Dasso- here is random question he put up during the pre-exam pharm quiz yesterday. Enjoy!