Path Pictionary V

Each set of pictures describes one pathology. The subject is endocrine. 


B. Hard as   or  hard.

Think Nuclei!


  1. A. Buffalo hump and moon face! Cushing's disease
    B. Hard as wood or rock hard? I'm lost.
    C. Orphan Annie nuclei...papillary thyroid carcinoma? Coffee-bean nuclei remind me of granulosa cell tumors, though that wouldn't be endocrine.

  2. Wait wait, I just read that each question is of one pathology so for C) I'm going to have to say MEN II?

  3. A- Cushings, yay!
    B- Suppose to be clue for Riedel Thyroiditis, which was described as "hard as wood" or "stony hard" on palpation due to its fibrosis nature.
    C- Orphan Annie nuclei as well as coffee bean nuclei were presented in our notes for Papillary Carcinoma of the thyroid (but I've yet to see coffee bean nuclei show up anywhere else in regards to thyroid cancer so maybe that was confusing....)

    Working on a final round of Bone and Brain.