I am feeling as if I need to write but I'm not sure if I have anything to say, profound or otherwise... Third year is officially over. I'm in limbo land as I study/take Step 2 and then move back to New York to start fourth year electives. Most of my schedule is figured out but I'm still waiting on out of network Peds stuff. (Note to fellow SGU students that are contemplating out of network rotations: allow the school at least 8 weeks 3 months to get your paperwork together and signed off on and submitted, it does take that much time!)

It is kind of nice to be back to studying again. Of course I studied while in my core rotations but it is different to wake up and have the entire day to study whatever you want (or need) to in any order or place you desire. And of course I love being back at "home" with Dr. Boyfriend and have been not 100% focused on studying as I had jury duty for two days and then dentist appt, etc. All the stuff you don't have time to take care of when you are flying around the USA for a year kind of adds up. But home is good. Schedule, or lack there of is good. Life is good.

In any case... I have to get back to studying. Happy Wednesday!

P.S. Here's a nice neuro article for any of you thinking of going into neurology. I thought it was an interesting read. Of course child neurology is a bit different but the sentiments are the same.



And of course, I'm wide awake. Hello insomnia, you really aren't a friend of mine. May as well blog a little, not anything else going on in the middle if the night. Tomorrow is my last long call/admit day for Medicine. Wednesday is post call and my oral exam. And then I'm down with third year. Kind of crazy how fast it went. Seems just like yesterday when I was standing in the OR and pondering how little I knew. Now I'm almost a real big grown up MS IV. The plan? Napa first and foremost. See family. Drive South. See more family. Settle and study for Step 2. Head to New York. Do a peds sub-I... somewhere, this part is difficult to schedule. But sub-I. Somewhere. Get amazing letter. Head back to Cali. Do some medicine electives. Apply for residency. Yada, yada... Anyhow, it's all good. Napa is in sight, just two days to go... Cheers!