Free Book- Iserson's Getting Into A Residency (with bonus thank you cards!)

I know, I know.... I just can't stay away from this blog. I am moving in just a few weeks and have a few things that I will no longer need and am trying to find suitable homes for. Case in point, this book!

Isersons-Getting into Residency (amazon)

Today is your lucky day because you my dear reader can have it for free, free I tell you!

A friend recommended this and while I found it fairly useful I only wish I would have gotten it before 4th year. I think early in the clinical years is the perfect time....

Leave me a comment if you have a blog or profile with email that I can notify you by. Otherwise email me (see my profile for my email address). Deadline is Memorial Day- May 27th. 

I will have a drawing and the winner will get Iserson's plus a brand new pack of Thank You cards because I want you to have it all.

P.S. If you are interested I may have other clinical give aways. Pocket surgery cards or The Sanford Guide to Antimicrobials, anyone?


  1. I'm interested!! (:

    1. I'm sorry you didn't win. Are you now a medical student too? Or thinking of becoming one? I saw that you were an engineering student so I 'm just curious.