Dear Grenada,

How was your summer? Did you miss me? The time went by so fast, and I'll be back on your island in just six days. I am sure you are busy getting ready for Carnival. It will be my first Spice Mas experience so I'm counting on you to make it memorable.

While I was away I traveled and worked and played. I did lots of summer things. I went to the beach (but don't worry your beaches are nicer), many BBQ's, a concert, wine tasting at the semi-local vineyards, and many other fun things.

I did things I can't do in Grenada. I had Starbucks almost every day and often twice a day (thanks to the new Starbucks in the Hospital lobby where I worked.) I bought lots of coffee to bring back with me. I shopped and bought new flip flop and t-shirts and dresses. BTW, do you think I need anything special for rainy season? I have two umbrellas, awesome rain boots and a yellow slicker with a hood. When I use it all I look like a 5 year old ready to go puddle jumping. I'm sure you will make some nice mud and puddles for me this term.

I tried to pre-read for Genetics and maybe I'll finish the book before classes start. I'm looking forward to school again. Do you think Term II is better than Term I? I think I'll find the subject material more interesting. Genetics, Parasitology, Neuroscience, Immunology, Physiology, Community Health. I can't wait!

Well, I guess that is it. I hope you had a nice summer and didn't miss me too much! I admit, I did miss you. It was great to be home, but I'm ready to come back. My flight gets in at 7:15pm on the 5th and Gypsy will be with me if you want to send a cab for us. Okay, well I had better start packing and making sure I have everything I need for the term. Let me know if you think there is anything I must bring. Otherwise, I'll see you soon!

Spice Island Queen

You are bacteria!

I found this fascinating blog post today: Thanks IcedLatte as always. The TED video is kind of long, but so cool! I think I need to be in class again. This makes me want to take micro. But that's not until 4th term? That seems so far away...

Consider this. You are mostly bacteria. You are covered with an armour of bacteria that protect you, live with you, are you! Consider that bacteria, if they really want to, can reduce you to dust AND that they talk about it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU with their own secret language. AND they all speak the bacterial equivalent of Esperanto and can communicate fluidly not only with members of their own species, but outside their own species. Not only can they destroy you, but they will outlive you. They will digest you.

IcedLatte, Medical Marginalia: The squid as stealth bomber; all bacteria talk, Jul 2009



Don't Get Sick in July, or if over 65

If you are in medicine then you  know that July 1st means the new residents have started working.  And so, if you are a patient you will be one of the first actual patients that new resident gets to take care of- as an MD and not simply a medical student. This isn't a bad thing, this is how our training works. Think hyper-viginallant doctors that are going to check and double check everything because they are scared. Think nurses looking over shoulders and suggesting treatment options and medication orders. Think chief residents that are taking extra care. Don't get sick on July 1, but if you do, and you get treated at an academic hospital, chances are you'll get great care. Though the intern may need help figuring out how to order a lab or access the electronic charting system....

Now here is something else to think about. The Patient Doctors Don't Know. I have no preconceptions that I will enter the field of geriatrics, but I am sure that in my residency I will have to take care of  many elderly patients. And as this ob-ed physician points out it is not part of my required training.... Why is that we don't have a required geriatrics rotation? Geriatrics is one of the lesser paid medical fields and short on physicians. This will not change under or current health care system, yet with increasing numbers of the population reaching retirement age and living another 20-30 years this is going to be become an even bigger issue. Just some food for thought. 

I'll be back in Grenada in just 32 days.