You are bacteria!

I found this fascinating blog post today: Thanks IcedLatte as always. The TED video is kind of long, but so cool! I think I need to be in class again. This makes me want to take micro. But that's not until 4th term? That seems so far away...

Consider this. You are mostly bacteria. You are covered with an armour of bacteria that protect you, live with you, are you! Consider that bacteria, if they really want to, can reduce you to dust AND that they talk about it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU with their own secret language. AND they all speak the bacterial equivalent of Esperanto and can communicate fluidly not only with members of their own species, but outside their own species. Not only can they destroy you, but they will outlive you. They will digest you.

IcedLatte, Medical Marginalia: The squid as stealth bomber; all bacteria talk, Jul 2009


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