10 fingers, 10 toes...

I just finished my two weeks of inpatient floor work and next I have a full week of newborn nursery. We had an intro lecture on Thursday and I'm quite excited. How cool is it that I will get to check a newborn and perform physical exams for the very first time for these little ones? Plus they are cute even if there heads are molded into some interesting shapes from the delivery process. And I am sure I'll learn a ton too. Time to brush up on causes of neonatal jaundice.

Peds soldiers on and I'm loving it. Show me the babies!


this is it

peds is here, i'm 1.5 weeks in and have seen plenty of asthma and RSV... plus a few interesting cases, rare and otherwise. the teaching is great. the hours are okay. the patients are wonderful. so really, no complaints except that i feel like i know nothing. there is so much to read and study but every day i'm learning.

i love the population and the diversity. one minute a 7 day old baby and the next a 17 year old teenager. parents of all varieties. play is part of the job. i heart it all!