Match Day 2012

Happy Match Day! If you are looking for the SGU list, you've come to the right place. Of course it usually takes SGU a little while to get the complete list up. But keep checking. To all my matched classmates, congrats! If you are wondering what exactly this "match" that I keep referring to is than let me direct you here. I'm sure I'll have thoughts/opinions and more comments once I see the list and hear where people are going but for now I just want to congratulate everyone and reflect for a moment... In one year I hope to be preparing to find out my fate. Oh the things we do for love (of medicine in this case.)


  1. Hey - what does transitional year mean?

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Sorry for the VERY delayed response. A transitional year is simply a 1 year spot (usually medicine or surgery) that someone can do if she doesn't match or is not sure of what she wants to do. It doesn't count as part of your 3-5 years of required residency training unless you get lucky enough to match into a program at the place where you complete your transitional year. You function as an intern but the spot is only for a single year. I hope that makes sense.