In case you were wondering...

IM is a little more than half over and most days I still like going to work. I may not want to go into adult medicine but somehow I manage to connect with my patients, even if they are 1. homeless,  2. suffer from mental illness 3. are sadly addicted to alcohol + street drugs + cigarettes +/- pain killers  or 4. all of the above. The patient population is definitely "challenging" and the adults often act like kids but the medicine and pathology is amazing. I heart my preceptor and had a great month with an attending that may pick apart every single thing you say but only because she cares about her patients and wants you to become a good and capable doctor. So how can I complain about that?

All in all, I can hardly believe that 3rd year will be OVER in less than 7 weeks. I am a bit anxious about next year and matching and everyone I still need to do: Step 2 CK, CS, personal statement, ERAS, interviews. I am saddened by my upper SGU classmates that did not match this year but am so happy and proud of those that did. I wish I could fast forward and be there already but at the same time I genuinely LIKE being a medical student and wouldn't mind staying right here for awhile longer. I have so much still to learn, I wish time would be slow down and speed up simultaneously.

Most of all I try to be thankful for where I am in life. I am truly blessed that I get to do what I want with my life. Medical school is hard, but it is also very rewarding and I wouldn't change a thing...

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