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I never considered myself as having a problem with words. I love to write, and it has always seemed to come easily for me. But then I get to IM and my H&Ps seem on the skimpy side. For someone who was regularly told her emails were too long and that the essay only needed to be 500 words not 2000 this is an odd place to find myself. I should be able to write paragraphs about my differential diagnosis but I tend to focus on the most likely and leave out the obvious details because I think they are obvious, or written two sentences above in the labs, or I just talked about it in the HPI but I guess repetition is okay if it is important. I think I'm just modeling what I've read but just because your resident does it doesn't make it right. So I'm working on this. Also, I don't know if I just have an extra attentive Attending or if my pronunciations have been awful lately but I've been corrected when I say words too.
Random examples:
-Rhales is British so the a is an ah not a hard a.
-Triamcinolone (antibiotic) in my head has an extra syllable. And why is this called tack cream? I really don't get it.
-Petechiea (the ch is pronounced as k not a ch)

So I vow to be more thorough, more verbose and work on my pronunciations. And maybe learn some medicine while I'm at it.

I was reflecting on the patient's I've seen so far and I think I've hit all the major organ systems.
Here is the short list:
HTN (only essential)
CHF (right and left sided)
Valvular Heart Disease
Afib vs Aflutter
Renal Failure (acute and chronic)
Liver Cirrhosis
Hepatitis (Hep C, Viral, Tylenol OD)
DM (but all type II so far)
Reynaud's Syndrome
Panic Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Substance Abuse (cocaine, alcohol, narcotics)

Not bad for one month into IM... I wonder what I'll see today? Whatever it is, I'll try to use my words.

*On an completely unrelated note- Happy Match Week to my SGU colleagues and other MS IVs that are anxiously waiting for Friday. Here is a link to the list. Right now it only has pre-matched students but the Canadians will be added soon and then everyone else on Friday or as soon as SGU updates it... Fingers crossed for everyone. I feel nervous this year, I can't even imagine the suspense of next year.

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