Rain and Pumpkin Pie

So, it is finally raining without real pause. There are puddles and the sky has been gray all day. I'm not usually excited for dreary weather but since I've been on this island of warmth and sun (but I'm not complaining) for the last four months it is kind of a nice change. And it complements my Christmas music and plans to make Pumpkin pie. With my A/C on I can wear a sweater and pretend it is cold. I'm drinking hot tea and staring at my mini Christmas tree. Life is good. Immunology final was yesterday and I'm anxiously awaiting my grade as I to study for neuro and physio and the end of term 2, aka year one of medical school!

I've had a bit of time this term so I've been exploring the medical blogosphere and stumbled across Grand rounds (blog style) which is hosted by How to Cope with Pain this week. An old post of mine is featured in the desert section, check it out.  Oh and I hope you have a pain free and Happy Thanksgiving! 


I love Christmas!

Okay, so I KNOW that is not even Thanksgiving yet but I am far away from my family and I happen to love the holiday, so if it makes me happy to put up Christmas lights then that is what I am going to do! See picture below. It is my balcony with lights.... perhaps in the short time while they burned bright before burning out (I forgot the whole 110V to 220V need a transformer thing).

I also have a mini tree, I have it decorated and I'll put up pictures once I get around to taking them. Until then enjoy this pic which I took at the grocery store last weekend and my very bright lights. I have since replaced the lights. So, in recap, I am now in Christmas mode. I have lights, a tree and listen to Christmas music every day while studying. Also, I am making vegetarian stuffing, vegan stuffing and at least two kinds of Pumpkin Pies for my Grenada Thanksgiving. I  cannot wait.... Happy Holidays!

P.S. Immuno final is on Monday. Two days to study while enjoying all my Christmas cheer. Now if only I could figure out how to get a Peppermint Spice Mocha on the island...


Looking forward....

So, forgive me for not posting much lately. I haven't had anything to say, or at least I've lacked the energy to sit down and type it out. Term 2 is drawing to an end and dragging its feet to get there...  But I can't complain, this term has been good: I did accomplish most of what I wanted (a hash, two health fairs, a nice vacation visit with Doctor Boyfriend) and I genuinely liked the subject matter, even if some of the classes seemed disjointed, unorganized, etc. Perhaps I'll post more about MS1 reflections when its all over.

Until then, I'm looking forward. Just three more weeks of class. Four exams (of which three are finals, the other is a cumulative end of first year exam to show you where you stand as far as class rank, that maybe I'm not looking forward to.) Also I will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the island (with 45 of my classmates!) which I am really excited about. I'm preparing to make pies and vegetarian stuffing. I'm also debating as to when I can put up my Christmas tree. I would wait until Thanksgiving, but since I'm leaving the island on Dec 11th I'm thinking I can put it up extra early so that it can be enjoyed for the maximum amount of time. I mean, I went to the trouble to buy a fake tree, so I should put it up, ASAP, right?  I have heard Christmas music on two occasion around the island in the last 24 hours so maybe that is my go ahead. Now if only I had lights to string on my balcony... I think a study break and visit to the hardware store is in order. So, until next time- I'm looking forward!


Halloween Hash Happenings

So, I did it. I went on my first Hash. For those of you reading along at home who might not know, a Hash is a hike or a run and kind of race, except it isn't... Let me explain.

(If you know all about Hash Rules then skip this paragraph.) The Hash Trail is set (there are typically two, one for runners and one for walkers with the runners trail being slightly longer) and by set I mean someone first creates a trail through mountains, hills, streams, beaches, etc. and leaves shredded pieces of paper along the way. However, there are also "forced" trails- circles that signify branches in the trail and you have to guess which one is correct. If you guess incorrectly you will find yourself upon a big X at some point and thus have to turn back, return to the circle and take the other trail. Now there are some other Hash pointers. At any forced trail you can call, "Are you?" and others will reply, "On, On" meaning they are on the correct  trail, or "Checking" if they are exploring the forced trail and not sure or "On, Back" if they have discovered an X and are on their way back to the circle. There is also the spraying of "virgin" Hashers at the end with beer and then lots of beer to drink. For the entire history of the Hash, read here.

We went with the Grenada Hash Hound Harriers (the local island Hash club) and they have Hashes pretty much every other week and sometimes more. This one was at La Phare Bleu in our own Parish of St. Georges, it was beautiful, a nice hike complete with swimming and party afterwards. There was a pool, Carib Tent, good food, lots of families, locals, fellow SGUers and it was a nice way to spend an afternoon/evening. Plus since it was Halloween there were plenty of costumes (I went as Static Cling- socks and dryer sheets stuck to to me, hair sticking out) and even a haunted house towards the end of the Hash. Cost= $2 EC + food/drinks. Well worth it. Something I recommend and will absolutely do again. The ultimate way to see the island and enjoy a study break.... speaking of studying I guess I had better get back to that, ON, ON!  (oh and enjoy some pics from along the Hash.)