Halloween Hash Happenings

So, I did it. I went on my first Hash. For those of you reading along at home who might not know, a Hash is a hike or a run and kind of race, except it isn't... Let me explain.

(If you know all about Hash Rules then skip this paragraph.) The Hash Trail is set (there are typically two, one for runners and one for walkers with the runners trail being slightly longer) and by set I mean someone first creates a trail through mountains, hills, streams, beaches, etc. and leaves shredded pieces of paper along the way. However, there are also "forced" trails- circles that signify branches in the trail and you have to guess which one is correct. If you guess incorrectly you will find yourself upon a big X at some point and thus have to turn back, return to the circle and take the other trail. Now there are some other Hash pointers. At any forced trail you can call, "Are you?" and others will reply, "On, On" meaning they are on the correct  trail, or "Checking" if they are exploring the forced trail and not sure or "On, Back" if they have discovered an X and are on their way back to the circle. There is also the spraying of "virgin" Hashers at the end with beer and then lots of beer to drink. For the entire history of the Hash, read here.

We went with the Grenada Hash Hound Harriers (the local island Hash club) and they have Hashes pretty much every other week and sometimes more. This one was at La Phare Bleu in our own Parish of St. Georges, it was beautiful, a nice hike complete with swimming and party afterwards. There was a pool, Carib Tent, good food, lots of families, locals, fellow SGUers and it was a nice way to spend an afternoon/evening. Plus since it was Halloween there were plenty of costumes (I went as Static Cling- socks and dryer sheets stuck to to me, hair sticking out) and even a haunted house towards the end of the Hash. Cost= $2 EC + food/drinks. Well worth it. Something I recommend and will absolutely do again. The ultimate way to see the island and enjoy a study break.... speaking of studying I guess I had better get back to that, ON, ON!  (oh and enjoy some pics from along the Hash.)

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