Looking forward....

So, forgive me for not posting much lately. I haven't had anything to say, or at least I've lacked the energy to sit down and type it out. Term 2 is drawing to an end and dragging its feet to get there...  But I can't complain, this term has been good: I did accomplish most of what I wanted (a hash, two health fairs, a nice vacation visit with Doctor Boyfriend) and I genuinely liked the subject matter, even if some of the classes seemed disjointed, unorganized, etc. Perhaps I'll post more about MS1 reflections when its all over.

Until then, I'm looking forward. Just three more weeks of class. Four exams (of which three are finals, the other is a cumulative end of first year exam to show you where you stand as far as class rank, that maybe I'm not looking forward to.) Also I will be celebrating Thanksgiving on the island (with 45 of my classmates!) which I am really excited about. I'm preparing to make pies and vegetarian stuffing. I'm also debating as to when I can put up my Christmas tree. I would wait until Thanksgiving, but since I'm leaving the island on Dec 11th I'm thinking I can put it up extra early so that it can be enjoyed for the maximum amount of time. I mean, I went to the trouble to buy a fake tree, so I should put it up, ASAP, right?  I have heard Christmas music on two occasion around the island in the last 24 hours so maybe that is my go ahead. Now if only I had lights to string on my balcony... I think a study break and visit to the hardware store is in order. So, until next time- I'm looking forward!

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  1. Hang in there Regina! I'll send you lots of good thoughts for the last mile...