Rain and Pumpkin Pie

So, it is finally raining without real pause. There are puddles and the sky has been gray all day. I'm not usually excited for dreary weather but since I've been on this island of warmth and sun (but I'm not complaining) for the last four months it is kind of a nice change. And it complements my Christmas music and plans to make Pumpkin pie. With my A/C on I can wear a sweater and pretend it is cold. I'm drinking hot tea and staring at my mini Christmas tree. Life is good. Immunology final was yesterday and I'm anxiously awaiting my grade as I to study for neuro and physio and the end of term 2, aka year one of medical school!

I've had a bit of time this term so I've been exploring the medical blogosphere and stumbled across Grand rounds (blog style) which is hosted by How to Cope with Pain this week. An old post of mine is featured in the desert section, check it out.  Oh and I hope you have a pain free and Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  1. Regina, this cracks me up since I am the same way -- I love the hot weather and Christmas so I have to turn the heat down to light a fire and cuddle up with a good book. Merry Christmas and lots of love. Xo-Tara