And of course, I'm wide awake. Hello insomnia, you really aren't a friend of mine. May as well blog a little, not anything else going on in the middle if the night. Tomorrow is my last long call/admit day for Medicine. Wednesday is post call and my oral exam. And then I'm down with third year. Kind of crazy how fast it went. Seems just like yesterday when I was standing in the OR and pondering how little I knew. Now I'm almost a real big grown up MS IV. The plan? Napa first and foremost. See family. Drive South. See more family. Settle and study for Step 2. Head to New York. Do a peds sub-I... somewhere, this part is difficult to schedule. But sub-I. Somewhere. Get amazing letter. Head back to Cali. Do some medicine electives. Apply for residency. Yada, yada... Anyhow, it's all good. Napa is in sight, just two days to go... Cheers!

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