swimming pools and spoons

Sometimes you just need a swimming pool. They are doing construction on the hospital and I snapped this picture on my way in today.

The pools were filled with gravel and dirt and I have no idea where they are taking these... You would think they there would be a more sophisticated way to move around the excess dirt and gravel but the plastic pools seemed to be doing the job.

Which reminds me of the spoons, way back in my first rotation, during Neurosurgery. Let me explain. If a patient had a subarachnoid hemorrhage and we needed to remove the clotted blood from the brain we used... a spoon. Again you'd think there would be some tool or special device made for such a procedure but if there is I have no idea what it looks like because we always used spoons. Just plain, regular tea spoons.

This post has no real purpose I don't have anything profound to say. I'm just reflecting on simple things that somehow get the job done. I'm 10 days away from being done with third year and I just emailed my final patient write-up to my preceptor. It feels good.

Now if you excuse me I'm going to enjoy a glass of wine and ponder the simple things in life. Like swimming pools and spoons.


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  2. I don't get it. How was the swimming pool becomes related with the spoon? Anyway, thanks for the trivia. I never thought that a regular teaspoon could also serve as a great tool for neurosurgery.

  3. Ricky- The swimming pools were being used to move dirt and gravel instead of their normal purpose of holding water. Spoons are similarly used in neurosurgery to scoop up clotted blood instead of their normal purpose as eating utensils. I was just reflecting on things with out of the ordinary uses, that is all. Nothing more complicated than that. But thanks for stopping by and reading.