missing you

I don't know if its the ho-hum of rotations (8 weeks into IM) or the fact that I'm away from truly good friends for so long but I've been missing Grenada lately. I miss the warm breeze and the chance to go swimming in clear blue 80 degree water. I miss my friends on Friday nights when we would chat over a bottle of wine about our week and our plans after Grenada. I miss the study breaks and the ability to go kayaking on a random Tuesday morning before class. I miss the island time lifestyle and all the awesome Grenadian people. I miss Prickly Bay Pizza and I miss my path group. I've taken to wearing my Path Group NOS scrub tops to the hospital lately... I just miss it all.

I don't miss being an MS I or MS II (being and MS III, almost IV is much better) but I do miss the people and island and good times.

I randomly started talking to one of my favorite clinical assistants at the hospital yesterday. He was born in Mexico City and was telling me how beautiful his home country is and how I should go on vacation there... (and I'm sure he is right) but all I could think was, I'd rather go back to Grenada!

I do like California and where I am and what I'm doing. But it would be super nice to be sitting on the beach looking at St. George's with a good friend calling me to join her for a swim in the warm, sun-kissed aqua water....

Happy Friday!


  1. Aww, sad to hear you're missing Grenada. It misses you too! Of all the things you mentioned that you miss doing, I haven't done any of them yet. I need to fix that! haha. Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Thanks Jenny. I DO miss Grenada often. Take advantage of all it has to offer, the time goes fast. Hope things are going well with you.