Word of the day: Adnexa/ And Path Pictionary IV

Adnexa.Love that word. As in uterine appendages.

We just finished female genital tract today and I am sorry to actually feel this way but it is SO interesting... Now please don't get any ideas,  I don't want to be an OB or GYN. One in the family is plenty... I saw what residency entails. I don't want to be an OB/GYN but I have to say.... it is pretty cool. I mean Chorionic villi, fascinating! I want to study again.

Okay, my fling is over. (Well after A.)

How about these?




  1. A. Chocolate cysts!
    B. Onion skinning...can go so many ways. Tay-Sach's or hyperplastic arteriolosclerosis in renal path?
    C. Totally stumped.

  2. A. Yay for the choc cysts. I wasn't sure that would be evident. :)

    B. I was thinking hyperplastic arteriosclerosis but I like that it works both ways.

    C. Is suppose to be a Maltese Cross (hint- think renal again)

  3. Ahhhh, you say Maltese cross and the only thing I can think of is Babesia- it's a hematologic protozoa infection that causes hemolytic anemia. The blood smear is supposed to look like a Maltese cross. As for Renal...I dunno, I want to say it has something to do with casts but I can't be 100% sure.

  4. R (too lazy to sign in)6/1/10, 4:27 AM

    maltese cross: Nephrotic syndrome! Specifically Minimal Change Disease (though I think you get them in the others too)

  5. Sigh. 3 months past your Step 1 and you still remember things. 6 weeks before mine, and I don't. I'm going to FAILLLLLLLLLLLLLL.

  6. Srav, you are NOT going to fail. Think positive! (Remember self confidence? You are smart, you are capable and you have plenty of time left... I think endocrine is your fav so my next pictionary is all for you.)

    R is right- Maltese Cross is the characteristic appearance you with Oval Fat Bodies in the urine so any Nephrotic Syndrome.