Path Pictionary III

Okay so this one should be easy!

And now for a couple of two picture ones.

(Hint- think renal again, more pictures to maybe help with the words.)

________ and ______


And for this one, good luck!  It is on the order of "Butterflies on a fence" as in I really don't know how this describes the morphology but it what says.... And what was stressed in class and lab. I checked, this one is even and objective! Crazy huh?  Don't ask me how the pathologists come up with these things.

(Hint- Think along the same lines as the P'eau de Orange...)


Alternatively the same thing is can also be described by this kind of pattern.

Thanks for playing... Plenty more Path Pictionary to come. Promise!


  1. I get the p'eau de orange but I'm definitely lost on the other two. Ackk.

  2. Okay, so I've added some pics and hints, maybe they will help. :)

  3. Spike and dome- Membranous GN!! Haha nice one.

    Still lost on the last one. The only thing I can think of is chief cells and target cells...none of which relate to p'eau de orange.

  4. PS- Would you mind if I started this feature on my blog for other people to partake in as well?

  5. I think the last one is indian-file cells, but I can't remember what the pathology is - one of the breast cancers, but I don't know which one. I have absolutely no idea how the dart board comes into play.

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  7. Nice job R. And high five to Srav for all the others!

    Yes. Indian file (like footprints in the sand) describes Infiltrating lobular carcinoma of the breast, which can also present in a Bull's eye pattern. (Or so says Robbins and Goljan though honestly I don't see it.)

    I guess it is time for some more.... Thanks for playing.
    Srav, can't wait to see what you come up with!

  8. Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of Indian file anything...thanks for the heads up!