Words/Terms/Diseases I don't know (todays version)

Studying for path miderm. Looking through my notes. Needed to wiki a few, including:
  • coproporyphrins- as in heme metabolits, as in Dubin-Johnson syndrome as in I really need to figure out neonatal causes of jaundice once and for all (ugh biochem)
  • Ewing Tumor- of course, its a sacrcoma! t(11;22)
  • PNET- more tumors for the kiddos (I'm doing peds now if you can't tell)
  • Anaridia, as in the A in WAGR Syndrome = absence of the iris (straight up embryo that I have forgotten, sigh)
That's it. Now I have to do some questions and see how much of that  I retained. Path midterm 4 is in just days then Micro final and CPD written with the practical somewhere in there.... Let the fun begin!

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