Why People Hate the Path Dept.

Just  a minute to rant. We have a schedule that says we have Path Lab in the same location an exam is scheduled for the 5th termers. These evens are both in the master schedule (or should be) and our known by the University and thus the Departments..... There is no excuse for the Path Dept. not checking the master schedule or once finding out about the exam, letting their students know. Before the day of incident preferably, if that is not TOO much to ask?

Only 15 minutes before lab is schedule to start (after 2 hours of Path lecture in which, maybe someone could have made an announcement) there is nothing on Angel.... I finally get through to the Dept. Secretary and she confirms that yes, Path Lab is canceled. When I mention the fact that maybe an announcement on Angel would be a good idea she says that there in an announcement up, I tell her (nicely) that I am looking at my Angel Home Page and there is NO announcement. Three minutes later I check again and it has appeared, miraculously..... Go Path Dept., this is why nobody likes you!

I am well connected, I found out the info before I walked down the hill and now I have the afternoon off to study. But if for instance I was off campus and had driven here or walked, taken a bus, etc. to just to find out that lab has been canceled I might be a little unhappy. Really, Path Dept. you can do better than that!

End of rant.....Time to study and then I'm going for a quick swim pre-IGA grocery shopping, thank you very much!


  1. That's bizarre...you guys have had Path lab before when we've had exams in lower Taylor. Why would they cancel it today of all days?? Thumbs down to the Path department all the same. =/

  2. Is it me, or is the path department secretary the rudest one of all the secretary's on the island? After our second exam, they posted the exam 2 scores (failing average might I add) and took down the exam one score. Everyone was complaining about this and since it didn't reappear, I simply went to the path department and asked if I could have something that had my exam one score on it. The secretary told me, "you are the ONLY person" who this has happned to and I will have to investigate this matter." I had some other friends complain too, and miraculously, the exam one scores were re-posted with an updated post date the next day on Sakai. Her attitude is ridiculous, I asked in the nicest way possible.