Path Pictionary

You can find these in reference to three things in pathology. Name them! Answers will be posted Sunday.

* Inspiration- The night before the path exam I was sent a file form a friend of a friend, original source unknown and it was Pathology Pictionary....  bascially buzzword images of a the appearance of something pathological.  It was so fun I decided to make my own. I'll try to share them here. Feel free to comment and guess.

My very non-exciting med school life update: exams came and went. Microbio is over and nutrition is one week down, one week to go. 

Five more weeks... the island is quiet. Only fourth termers remain which is great if you want to print or have grocery options at IGA.  But it is not all roses, I tried to study at Mocha Jumby the other night but they are enjoying summer hours which means closing at 6pm. So sad.... my study spaces are dwindling. First Rituals closed and now Mocha Jumby has useless hours.

On the bright side, today is the start of a three day weekend. And only 1 month, 1 week and 1 day until I'm  headed to California! 


  1. Fried-egg appearance! That's a testicular seminoma!

  2. Ack, also multiple myeloma and...oligodendrogliomas, I think.

  3. hairy cell leukemia in the bone marrow

    1. thanks for stopping by. that works too. also the appearance of particular devastating MS lesions in the brain....