Spice Queen and the Wonderful, Adventurous, Very Good Day

It was a wonderful, adventurous, very good day!

First I slept in. I love to sleep, especially when I wake up before my alarm clock tells me too.

Then I read the paper and a few blogs. I love to read.

Gypsy picked me up and we met a bunch of friends at her apartment complex to load the vehicles. I got to sample the rum punch and enjoy the view of Prickly Bay Harbor.

Then we drove up the East side of the island, until we got here.

It was the most serene, beautiful, amazing beach. We swam and some of the boys surfed, we ate, we enjoyed the beach. It was a good day.

Then we drove some more. And saw some very old planes. It was a very good day.

We kept driving until we got here.

It was the most heart-breakingly beautiful, black sand beach I'd ever seen. Long and quiet with gray clouds overhead and nestled between a cliff and the ocean. I swam in the choppy waves and was happy.

Then it was dinner time so we headed to the restaurant and celebrated with dinner for the B-day boy. It was a wonderful, very good day.

By now it was dark, but our adventure was not yet over. We saw a leatherback sea turtle come onto the ocean and lay her eggs. We even saw a baby turtles that has just hatched before they went into the ocean for their first time. It was a wonderful, adventurous, very good day!


  1. That sounds like an awesome day! Glad you took some time off from school to relax and enjoy the island- I honestly wish I had made an effort to do more of that while I was there.

  2. Thanks Srav. I hope the studying is going well. I have plenty more Path Pictionary for you! And bonus for me when you comment I don't even have to bother with the answers.... ;)