Oh and another thing...

As if Forensics wasn't bad enough, it also includes physics (my all time least favorite subject, ever).

This is one of our Pathology Objectives: Describe how changing the Delta V (change in rate of momentum) can improve transportation safety.

Really! I'm not making this up. Most of what we learn in medical school is medicine, or at least closely related. And while I don't minimize the importance of safety I think this one is better left to the transportation and vehicle engineers. It is not like I'm going to be a human bumper for my patients. Though I suppose if one was fainting onto the tile floor I could use this law of physics to soften his fall, or something.... (sigh.)

On a semi-related note, this is pretty cool and since bike helmets prevent brain injury I'm safely back to the subject of neurology which I am quite happy to talk about and study.

I need this term to be over, I think I'm getting grumpy....

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