I feel like burnt toast, oh and Path Pictionary VI

Okay, so this Path Pictionary has taken away my desire to post anything of substance. I guess I'm just tired. Term 4 is not so bad.... I mean I like Path, it is interesting, yada yada but I'm tired and want to go home.... every day has become a chore to get through. I feel like all I do is sleep, study and drag myself to class, lab, etc.  I miss being a real person....

But soon, so soon, I'll be back in the US with my husband learning a new city and having a nice summer break before coming back her just one more time. Crazy how fast time has gone by, sometimes it seems like just yesterday that I was packing and planning to move to Grenada.

Now if only these last two and half weeks can go as quickly as the past year and half has..... But I digress, I'm done whining (for now).

For your Pathology fix I present the last installment of Path Pictionary: Brain and Bone

A. Diagnose by weather or fruit.
Patient complaint:
MRI shows:

 MRI shows:

B. Sticks and stones....



  1. The only thing that comes to mind for A is one of the brain bleeds, either subarachnoid (thunderclap headache) or subdural (bananas are sort of crescent-shaped, right?) B is the soap bubble xray sign, which is a giant cell tumor (although you can see it in other things too), and the third is swan-neck deformity, found in RA.

  2. Yay R, you've got the right idea for A - suppose to be three separate conditions so you've got the first two: thunderclap = subarachnoid, banana = subdural, as for the last one, lemon = epidural
    And of course B and C are spot on... Thanks for playing!

  3. Soap bubble could also be Cryptococcus neoformans lesions in the brain!

  4. Surely the lemon should be the lemon sign seen in spina bifida?