Spice Island Queen's 2010 Blog Recap

So here is my blog 2010 year in review (The rules: take the first sentence or line from the initial post of each month). 

What do Minnie Mouse, Santa, Michael Jackson, the Rockettes, Cinderella's carrriage and the nativity scene all have in common? So, third term in a nutshell: Mental Illness - one case The Power of Placebo I just checked my school email and this is the opening line: "There are wild rumors circulating about the water shortage, most of which are very far from the truth." Classic Rock knocked on my door, "come outside and bring your camera." Just a minute to rant.... Each set of pictures describes one pathology (See link to Path Pictionary V). Summer Break- Day 2, I'm here with a new West Coast address. I love the sound of the rain on our tin roof in my new off campus apartment. This sounds crazy even to write but if all goes well I will be celebrating being done with my boards in just six months from today! So one of the things that sucks is not so nice about being in medical school far far away is missing occasions and celebrations. So the week before last I told you all about how much I adored biochem, not! Today marked the last official day of Basic Sciences.

May 2011 bring you much peace and joy. And have a safe and festive New Year's Eve, cheers!

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