only a dozen to go...

Today marked the last official day of Basic Sciences. Two years of medical school is over (or will be as soon as exams are written next week.) Everyone was a little sad as small group came to a close today. I grabbed all my first year group members from Anatomy lab and we took a picture because it seemed fitting... oh how time flies. Anatomy lab and first term seem both forever distant and remarkably recent.

It is strange to reflect back over the past two years, upon how much we have learned and upon what is next. Third year and clinical rotations means we will all be scattered among many different hospitals and states and save the exams and after exam partying I likely won't see many of my classmates until graduation. I am not sad that basic sciences is over. My love of sitting in a classroom and doing small group busy work is not exactly why I came to medical school. But I WILL miss all my amazing friends and future colleagues (tear.)

Well enough of this reflecting... I'll be stateside in just 12 days and it can't get here soon enough. Now it is time to study my weekend away, for the last time ever in Grenada!

And b/c I heart Dr. Dasso- here is random question he put up during the pre-exam pharm quiz yesterday. Enjoy!

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