Grenada Goodbyes with 2 Days To Go...

I  thought this post would be easier to write. I'm done. No more medical school in Grenada. In just two days I fly home. Basic Sciences are over and this chapter of my life is closed. It seems both triumphantly amazing and like a big let down simultaneously. 

Since Thursday there have been parties and more parties, several trips to the beach, a drive around the island and sailing trip to another island. I'm not bolting from Grenada but rather making the rounds and saying my goodbyes.

It wouldn't be a pictorial countdown without a picture or more, so... 
The Shadowfax catamaron sail boat that took us around Grenda and to Hog Island. My third time going, love it!

 Christmas spirit in Grenada. Did I mention I heart X-mas lights?

Belmont Estate and Chocolate Factory. Beautiful plantation and they do a nice lunch if you find yourself on the North side of island. If in doubt, go! (Its worth the trip.)

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