Day Zero (aka home sweet home)

I made it! Yesterday I said goodbye to Grenada and now I'm back in the good old USA with my husband in our cozy apartment and I couldn't be happier. The tree is up (he surprised me) and lit, we plan to decorate it tonight. The weather is a 60 degrees and I'm thinking of flannel sheets and sweaters. I guess after living on a tropical island for two years this is good intro to mild California winters. The Colorado blood in me not so secretly wishes for snow at Christmas but I'll settle for being with the ones I love.

Time to unpack and contemplate studying. I have a brand new 2010 First Aid and RR Biochem not to mention some lovely new pens. I can walk to Starbucks and I get to have good wine and dinner with the love of my life tonight. Life is good. I need to reflect on the past year of medical school but for now I'm just going to enjoy being home. Happy Holidays!

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