9 ladies dancing (and I'm dancing too, in celebration of single digits!)

Woo hoo, just 9 days to go. Oh Grenada, I will miss you at some point, in the maybe not so distant future but right now I am ready to go home! Pathophys final is tomorrow (well today) and then pharm on Thurs. The end is near.... So to celebrate and because I love Christmas and dancing so much, here is a hodge podge of of things for your viewing pleasure.

First up a video of an orchestrated dancing mob. Because it is fun. I think I need to find more of these (after exams) but today the credit goes to Everythinghealth.

From the neighborhood, I know it is not the best but I was just so excited that my neighbors had Christmas lights that I had to post this.

And finally, the 12 Days of Christmas lyrics and fun to get you into the Christmas spirit. I know it is bit pre-mature but its my blog and I'll post if I want to!

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