enough fingers and toes

Okay so there are now less than 20 days until I leave Grenada. I told you I was bad at keeping track... I started with good intentions but then somewhere between day 30 and now I got busy and lost motivation to take a picture and figure out a Grenada memory each day.

But never fear, I'm back and here is a quick recap. I have been trying to stay motivated to study... it has been a loosing battle. However, I've shipped a large portion of my stuff, donated and sold everything I don't plan on taking home. We took the NBME today and tomorrow starts the final week of classes. Yep just one more week of class, and two exams to go. That is all that stands between me and home for the holidays. I literally cannot wait! 

Some pics to make up for lost time...
Christmas comes to Grenada early (this was the week before Thanksgiving at the campus bank.) Also  Christmas carols are now regularly played on the busses. Raggae Christmas of course, gotta love it!

Cheers and sunset from my old balcony with a good friend. I love good friends and Stag and random inspirations to watch the sunset...  I will miss this!

Yep, you read that right- "Don't Hate, Appreciate" on the same van that has a Baby on Board decal along with the Playboy bunny. Gotta love Grenada! And I've been looking and a few other noticed Reggae bus decals to add to the list including: "Street Smart", "Overcommer" and "Not Lucky but Blessed."  See Grenadians are thankful, as am I. And to celebrate American Thanksgiving I made pumpkin cheesecake. Yum!

And now a picture of my Chrismtas lights because I love all things Christmas (almost as much as my husband.) Who I will see in less wake-ups then my fingers and toes. How very exciting!
Happy Holidays!

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