hay is for horses and 30 days left

So I took the weekend off. Well not exactly off off, but off from blogging. We had a lovely 8 hour exam yesterday testing everything taught in the past 2 years.  While the stuff like path and pharm are pretty recent and therefore memorable, subjects such as neuro and anatomy are less so. Good times.

Anyhow, the weather yesterday was nice, it was actually cool, it almost felt like fall. And I saw horses on the way to the exam. I don't think I've seen horses in Grenada before... I've seen goats, cows, stray dogs, lizards, coakroaches, crabs, but no horses. Until yesterday. I'm not sure why it made me so happy but the horses coupled with the weather made me feel like I was somewhere else... not a tropical island.

As for things I'm thankful for and/or will miss upon leaving:

Flip flops-I have 10 pair here which I admit, is kind of ridiculous but I do love my shoes.  And since there is rarely a reason to wear anything else it is footwear of choice on all days.

Random facts learned in lecture- Did you know that cabbage can cause goiter? I mean, you would have to eat a lot of it over an extended period of time, but still... I thought that was a cool factoid. I wonder if other people get excited learning about such random things.

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