Brothers & Sisters - watching with 38 days to go

So, I have to back up for today's memory. During first term I met a classmate and we were instant friends. Every Sunday night I would go to her place off campus and I would enjoy off campus living, complete with oven to bake in and TV to watch. We would normally have dinner (something baked), do some anatomy questions and then watch a mutual favorite TV show- Brothers and Sisters. And so it was, our first term tradition. 

But she is Canadian and was worried that an SGU education may leave her stranded in the USA so when she got accepted to a US medical school she decided to attend. And although she didn't come back to SGU we've kept in touch.  Every Sunday night that we are both in school (provided one of us doesn't have an exam the next day) we Skype and I watch Brothers and Sisters with her, virtually. It is one of my favorite med school rituals. And just another example of a friend made, gratis SGU. And the best part is I don't have to leave the friendship in Grenada. So today is reflecting on things that Grenada has given me instead of things I'll miss. But I will miss the school kids in their uniforms.

I know these picture are not the best but if you look carefully you can make out two boys in the first one, the older brother leading the way. The sisters had matching school uniforms and backpacks. Both were taken on the way to the Hospital last week. I love Grenada kids in their matching uniforms. And Brothers & Sisters always make me smile. And now it is almost time to tune in for my show....

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