Summer Blues

So, this week is technically only the 2nd of summer, although I feel like my summer is nearly over. With the rainy and cold weather I was starting to think summer might not show up at all. But now its here, and I hope to enjoy it. For what is left... My last day of work is August 1st, I leave for Grenada August 5th. Lots happens between now and then.  And I'm thinking I might need to start studying for genetics at some point. 

Ah, well, as one of my favorite attendings warned me, once medical school starts you will never have the discrecinary time like you use to. Its a a whole new world. And I'm not complaining, not really. I like being a medical student. I like learning, and most days I like studying. 

Yet at the moment as I'm contemplating my remaining summer I can't help but reflect one how one keeps her sense of self. Several articles and posts have brought this issue to the forefront of my mind. The first was this article in the New York Times. The second a blog entry from one of my favorite blogging medical students.

I try to have interests and friends outside of medicine. I went running this morning. I watch Baseball (go Red Sox) and read. I am proud to say that I did leave campus during first term. I walked around St. George's and went to dinner with friends. I checked out beaches and saw the "Vagina Monolouges" the weekend before the Unified. I studied, but it wasn't all I did and I think it made me happier. I need to perfect my studying methods, I could stand to raise my grades but I am not willing to give up myself in the process nor do I think it is healthy to do so. 

I'll be back in Grenada before I know it and I plan to kick 2nd terms butt. But I also want to do a Hash. Volunteer for a health fair, drive around the island, check out Bathaway Beach and so many other things. Term 2 will start, and I'll be a medical student again but it isn't all I plan to be.

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