22 Degrees

Classic Rock knocked on my door, "come outside and bring your camera." I peak out and see students lying on the ground taking pictures of the sky, I grab my shoes and iPhone and out I go.... The eye in the sky (that's what I called it) is actually termed a 22 degree halo.  I guess these are not that rare yet I could not find anyone who had ever seen this before.

Anyhow, it was a random point in my day. I'm still here and it is still 4th term, busy as ever but good. I'm trying to catch up after being home for Easter and missing a few days last week. So glad I went, I feel re-energized and ready for the hardest test of med school, I say bring it, path is fun! But speaking of which I suppose I'd better get to it.

More CPD patient stories and other non-boring things to follow, eventually... don't give up on me. And enjoy the "Eye in the sky".

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