Half a Dozen Moons

This sounds crazy even to write but if all goes well I will be celebrating being done with my boards in just six months from today! Dr. Boyfriend has a conference in San Francisco and Napa is maybe my favorite place on earth so we decided that I'd write my Step 1 and then join him in paradise for a post-exam Valentine's and two year anniversary of sorts.  It means that I will only have one week off between finishing 5th term and starting to study, but I think that is okay.... The promise of good wine will keep my super motivated. That and dinner reservations at French Laundry.

For some reason this term is not flying by at usual Grenada speed but maybe it is just because it is my last and so everything just feels bitter sweet. I have been osculating between sick of the island, ready to go home and thankful for this opportunity, mindful of my good friends here and not sure if I want this year to be over.

Even so, 5th term is okay... at this point in my education 80% of what we cover is review so that feels nice but the objectives that say know (aka remember) everything since day one of medical school are kind of anxiety producing. I for sure do NOT remember all that anatomy. Histology was a distant blur and Biochem, what's that? So basically it is the term to review (restudy) all that has past you by. On the bright side, at least pathology and physiology for the most part are forthright in my brain and I actually feel like SGU did a good job with preparing us to pass our boards. I'm happy with my education. I mean maybe I should wait until after I get my Step 1 score back but so far everything seems to be coming together. Except maybe the 900+ drugs I am suppose to know for pharm. I study and study and study and they just don't seem to stick. Class IB anti-arrhythmics versus the types of diuretics you can use to treat heart failure vs keeping the macrolides straight from the aminoglycosides is perhaps the answer to why I've had so many migraines this term. (But at least I can tell you the MOA of my triptan of choice and the top prophylaxis for migraines, right?)

Oh well. 6 months. That seems scary, exciting, stress-inducing, light at the end of the tunnel soon! 

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