So, I'm only two day into my Family Med* rotation so I'm not sure if that is really enough time to come to any conclusions. But I'm going to anyhow because I have the time to blog and because in just two days time I've come to realize a few things about myself... First a quick comparison, which is probably not fair to either field but its my blog and I'll compare if I want to!

Going from Surgery to Fam Med feels like running a marathon to strolling in the park. Everything moves a whole. lot. slower. Everyone is nice. The attending bakes you homemade chocolate chip cookies (literally), the resident apologizes for not having time to teach and for being so busy. You are asked repeatedly each day if you need to eat and then given ample time to do so. All patients are seen by the attending, every day! It is like an alternate universe. And I'm not sure what to make of it.

All of this is good. And nice. But it kind of bores me. In two days I've only gotten a single patient to myself. I did help another student with her H&P and co-wrote a single note this morning. Plus I got the priviledge (a.k.a. intern too busy so asks me to do it) of updating our team's entire patient census list which was grand total of 6 patients. But back when I was a surgery student I saw 6 patients/ wrote 6 notes in a single morning.

Okay, so my patient. I did his admission H&P on Monday and today I got to present him to the attending and help her with the A/P so he's mine until discharge.  Except that not tomorrow morning because our team switches to night float for two nights so another team covers our patients (I don't know how that makes any sense but that is how it is). Anyhow, maybe by the end of the week I'll have two whole patients. That's the hope anyhow.

Oh, so my discoveries. Well while we were busy waiting for rounds to start, then later munching down chocolate chip cookies, then later at lunch, then later waiting for rounds to resume and then end, I realized that I did not like that attending had to run off to deliver a baby in the middle of my presentation. Or that the 11am weekly lecture was canceled because of the same. I know, it is medicine and things happen. But I think I need a schedule, a plan. I don't get stressed when plans change per se. I'm okay improvising or adjusting but I do like having structure. And surgery had that going for it. Cases were scheduled. When one finished another started. There was some predictability of what days were clinic versus OR versus just rounds.

Family Med is the embodiment of unpredictability. In the next six weeks I never get more than one day off at a time. My schedule changes every week.  Actually it changes ever day or two. As a medical student on a rotation this is not a big deal. But I cannot imagine a life of this. So I guess that means inpatient Family Med is off my list... which is too bad because the people are SO nice. Maybe it is the laid back nature and the I can deal with anything, at any time mentality that makes these people so cool. So I hope that they can be my friends.  But I guess I'm too uptight for their field.  Surgery vs Medicine: It is the classic do versus think. And come to think of it, I've always imagined myself somewhere in the middle. Child Neurology is a middle ground, right?

*Disclaimer, at my hospital the Family Med rotation is all inpatient so it is really more like an IM elective and probably not wholly reflective of FM

** This post is not to slight either Surgery or Family Med. I met some brilliant surgeons that were quite capable of thinking and even treating the whole patient. I learned a lot of medicine from my attendings during surgery. And it is important that we have people who love Family Med and do it all, it is SO needed.  I just don't think I'm one of them.

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