So I'm not quite Doogie

Remember Doogie Howser,  MD? I use to love that TV show. Here is my disclaimer- I'm not Doogie, not anything close. He was a child prodigy, finishing medical school before the age of 14, whereas I took the normal 22 years to graduate from college and then a couple more years for a post-bac and various jobs. I'm not likely to make the paper anytime soon but that is okay because I can be like Doogie minus Vinnie and the blue screened desktop. 

Doogie, you have to love him, he kept an online journal which I always envied but I just had no reason to type my thoughts into a computer.... until now that is. I doubt I would blog if I had gotten in to US medical school but since I'm moving to Grenada in less than 3 weeks and won't be able to afford long distance phone calls and won't have the time to journal AND email all my friends and family with pictures and updates we can share this space. I'll be like Doogie and give you a recap of my day/week. In turn, you read my blog and become my biggest fans.  I'll have to work on the theme music.

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  1. Yeaaay! Don't worry you still have time to meet your sidekick, Vinnie, you're not in Grenada yet. And don't take for granted any of your thoughts, I hope you keep the blog post-Grenada. I will try to visit your site and you!
    Skype. Skype will be you're new best friend, although I remember reading that Google developed a video conferencing software recently.