My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

Well, I'm not exactly ready to go. The problem is my bags are OVER packed. I'm allowed to check two 50lbs bags. Currently one weighs 55 and the other ways 58. So I have to leave behind 13lbs of stuff, and I already repacked and slimmed down my belongings once. And I don't even have real shoes packed, just flip-flops and one pair of flats for the white coat ceremony, going out, etc. Shoes are where I usually go wrong. When boyfriend and I go away, even if its just for the weekend we always have a separate shoe bag. But since its not shoes, I am not sure what where I went astray. Maybe its the extra toiletries or the fact that I have to bring my own towels and linens. (I actually bought a leaving student's entire kitchen stock so I don't even have to worry about an entire room and yet I can't quite figure out what I'm going to leave behind.)

But, instead of solving my problem and repacking my bags I'll continue down the path of procrastination. So far I made a lovely quiche, (I will have no oven in Grenada so it was my farewell baking dish) took down the Christmas lights, watched "How I Met Your Mother" and sent a few dozen emails. Not completely unproductive but not getting me any closer to getting on the plane in 33 hours either. Okay maybe I don't need six pairs of flip-flops... What else can I do without? Its back to my OVER packed bags or maybe I’ll take down the Christmas tree…


  1. Am I going to have to come home and edit your packing choices? I'll need some strong coffee and a piece of that quiche you wrote about...

  2. Sorry I'm a few posts behind, but I hope you mailed yourself a box.
    Flip-flops are light.
    Avoid mailing glass &/or liquids.
    Besides the obvious break/leak factor, they're just heavy.