Study Space

Some people are dorm studiers while others like the traditional library or quiet study hall. I on the other hand have always preferred to study in a semi-social environment and more importantly to have caffeine at my side while doing so. I made it through undergrad and my post-bac living at Espresso Royalle in Boston and later Starbucks in Long Island. The baristas became my best friends and the the coach/table my living room. 

I was a little worried while being on an island without Starbucks that I might not have the same set up, but that is NOT the case. Just 200 feet off campus is a local coffeehouse, Mocha Jumby and it is great. I've already gone twice to check it out and meet the staff and regulars. They even serve food and the veggie burger I saw looked pretty tasty. I think I've found my new home, Internet is free and the coffee is good. (They even have skim milk and so far it is the only place I've seen skim milk on the island, not even the grocery store had it.) 

Tomorrow is my first day of school. I meet my faculty advisor at 8am and have four hours of lecture from 1-5pm. After which I plan to grab a quick dinner and then head to Mocha Jumby to hit the books. I can't wait! 


  1. Joe the Barista at Starbucks says "hello"! I told him that your first mission in Grenada was to hunt down a coffee shop...he's very happy for you. So am I! Good luck today, my love.

  2. Found your blog through the SGU blog site and decided to start from the beginning (slow day at work). As soon as I saw "living at Espresso Royalle in Boston and later Starbucks in Long Island" I knew I had to comment...did my undergrad at BU and currently live on LI (where I also did my post-bacc). I'm headed to SGU in the fall. Excited to read your blog!!

  3. That is great, congrats Beckster! I was very happy at SGU/in Grenada. Let me know if you have any questions, etc. BU/Stonybrook combo worked for me. Best of luck!