Sleep Evades Me...

I finally get it. Dr. Boyfriend spent many a med school night tossing and turning and I would always wonder why he was so nervous. Before every test, new rotation, etc. he seemed to be anxiety ridden the night before. He would toss and turn and talk to me all night. I would say, "don't worry and GO TO SLEEP!" Well I'm 10 days in and I cannot seem to sleep. I've given up at this point, four hours of trying and I have to wake up in an hour anyhow. Tomorrow, or rather today, it just FEELS like tomorrow, I have my first anatomy lab. Now I know that Dr. Loukas will not kick me out of the lab or make me stand on my head because I forget what innervates trapezius but still I keep thinking of everything I might not know.... Is this logical? Of course not, but I can't help it. In two hours I start my marathon of a day: dry lab, wet lab, small groups and then fours hours of lecture before trying to study for the night and the chances of me making it through two hours of biochem and two hour of anatomy lecture are not looking good. Not unless I can find some espresso on this island. 

Also I thought the sun would be getting up soon, but no,its pitch dark out!  I always thought being this close to the equator would mean more daylight and I was disappointed my first week when it would be dark by the time I ate dinner and got to Mocha Jumby's, I just figured it I woke up early I would see the sun (but up until today I haven't had the need to get up before 7am.) And thanks to google, I now know, that today the sun doesn't rise until 6:32am (it sets at 6:08pm) so I have another hour of night. Speaking of google, my bioethics professor shared this was us yesterday. Maybe you'll enjoy it too! Era, I dedicate this to you.  

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