Another Week

So, I cannot sleep again... I don't know if it was the 2 hour nap after lecture (thank you migraine and Relpax for that!), the cup of coffee at 8pm or the fact that I'm feeling a little guilty for the amount (or lack thereof) of studying I accomplished today but here it is, after 2am and I am wide awake. I tried Netter's anatomy flashcards, they usually put me to sleep but to no avail... but maybe I can name all the muscles of the thenar now.

In more exciting news (oh wait, I'm in medical school, my life is class and studying, there is no exciting news, sorry to get your hopes up) this marks the start of my third week of classes... time is going by so quickly! DES study groups stated this week and I went to a biochem review tonight, it was pretty decent and since there were three tutors and only three students we got one-on-one time so that was good. I also looked at 50 epithelium slides via Histotime in my least favorite place, the library.  (Too bad I can't figure out how to run it on my computer- not very Mac compatible. If anyone know any tricks please do tell...)  But there was no one at the library so I did get to print about 100 pages of notes and BRS material, yay! What else can I say?

Run down of my weekend:
Saturday- I met with a small anatomy study group and that was good.  Afterwards we headed to IGA for groceries and then stopped for dinner at some bar/restaurant, the name escapes me, near the rotary. It was my first experience of true Grenadian service. Menus were already on the table when we sat down and after 20 minutes one of girls I was with asked if someone would help us. Within 5 minutes our orders were placed and we had food within 15 minutes so overall, not too bad. And it was cheap: I got a fish sandwich ($11 EC) fries ($8 EC) and diet coke ($3.50EC) so with tip my meal cost around $28EC or $11 US! No complaints here...  That really was the highlight of my weekend. I had planned to go to the beach in the morning, just for an hour or so but it was raining and thus I stayed inside with my books.... (I am sad to report that I have yet to go to the beach. It is not far but it seems that every time I try, it is either raining or I'm in the middle of studying.) Sunday was anatomy lab-small group where I realized just how much I need to study after which I headed to Mocha Jumby for my usual.

So now another week of classes...  and only two weeks until the Unified Quiz (its only worth 5% of our grade but it lets us know how we are doing, kind of a check system to make sure your study methods are working before you take the midterm three weeks later.) 

That is about it, sorry I can't be more exciting. But I promise more pictures soon!

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  1. I highly recommend avoiding caffeine after tea time... 4 PM at the latest.
    I'm sure you've come across a study that supports this advice, yes? :-)
    Love the pictures!