The Rumor Was True!!!

So I woke up at 6:15am (after going to bed sometime after 1am) to drag myself to lab. On the plus side I did manage to make a pot of coffee and down 2 cups... so at least I'm caffeinated, not the same as awake, but its something. I notice on my walk to lab that it is awfully quiet this morning. Normally I see others in scrubs making their way from down the hill but today, I see no one. I know this is a sign and I start to think... that rumor I heard on Monday- my classmate heard from someone that lab was Friday this week instead of Thursday, maybe I should have investigated it? hmm...  I assumed it was a rumor since no announcements were made in class, no post on Angel (our web server for each course), etc. So, I checked my master blue schedule and it says lab groups C/D 7:45am Thursday 2/12/09. I am not hallucinating,  but WHERE IS EVERYONE? I see another person following behind me and another coming up the hill. I start to feel better but yet I also know that something it just not right. Sure enough I open the door to dry lab and no Dr. Brahim, no one at all... Its 7:37am so I'm early but not that early... I walk back outside and now there are 4 of us. No lab? No lab! Well, yes we have lab, but not until tomorrow. lol! And so it goes. The group slowly grows to about a dozen. I go back inside and find someone official to collaborate my theory. Today is a clinical meeting day so all the professors have to be in meetings and thus are not running lab. Go figure. Sigh. Its now almost 8am and I've had my two cups of coffee, so what to do?  Not a single one of the dozen wants to go into lab with me. I figure I'm already up and in scrubs so why not go in and figure out what I'm suppose to know for tomorrow. Luckily Dr. D (visiting prof from UK, excused from meetings) was there and he gave me the guided tour of the forearm and hand. Then another student showed up and I was able to show him everything I learned and then another friend came in and we showed him and so after 1.5 hours I felt confident in what I was doing.... So not a complete waste, but still... I guess next time I'll believe the rumor! 

Speaking of rumors, if you are a possible or current med student and want the BEST BLOG ever re: SGU you should check out The Rumors Were True by Topher. He has long since left SGU but has some good advice and entertaining posts if you are looking for that.... Or if you just want to watch someone solve the Rubix cube in less than a minute. It is pretty impressive!

So what did I learn today? Maybe the rumors are true after all, at least some of them.... Okay, time to study. Only 4 days until the Unified Quiz!  


  1. magnum almond ice cream bars are at the d store for 6 EC! they tend to run out towards the end of the week but my roommate got some on tuesday night...they might have them at IGA too but i've never actually investigated.

  2. yes, it is pj night on monday! i'm way excited for it, mainly because i won't have to figure out what to wear which i generally HATE doing.

    i reckon i might have seen you near the basketball courts last week but i was in a hurry to get somewhere and didn't stop to talk. but i'll see you monday night hopefully- my pjs will have chinese food cartons on them- hopefully that'll be enough of an identifying feature :)