After the Unified

So, the first exam (well quiz) of med school has come and gone. They call it the Unified because it is a quiz worth 5-6% of your grade for each class and covers anatomy, histology and biochemistry. Oh and we had our Bioethics Final today too! I won't know how I did until tomorrow, or whenever they put up our grades but in the meantime it is nice. Nice to NOT have 4 hours worth of lectures to digest tonight, nice to be able to go out without Gray's or BRS, nice to have a reason to take a break. So I am off to Bananas (the local bar/club) and its Bananas in Pajamas night so it should be interesting... classes resume tomorrow and only three weeks until midterms, but for the moment I am enjoying Grenada. Cheers!


  1. ahh i totally didn't see you last night! then again it was way crowded so i guess that's not surprising. hope unified went well! :)

  2. congrats! and I hope you got some much needed sleep.