Around Campus

This past week just flew by but I did manage to take a few photos... The third one below is from the top of the hill and it is my favorite view on campus.

I love how I can see the water in the distance and the campus below. I try to walk this way to class every day and appreciate that I am in Grenada.  The other views are not bad either...

This last picture is a shot of the Bell Tower lecture hall and the place I spend a min of 4 hours every day. Good times! (There are officially 417 first term students, in case anyone was wondering.)


  1. Wow! It's absolutely beautful and while I know that you're probably not getting out to see the island much. I know it's a comfort to have a beautiful campus to give you some solace. I always said that my walks through the UCLA campus were my only saving grace. Good luck and keep posting. :)

  2. Thats aweful lots of students. IN UMHS-St Kitts, we are very small. In our class we are over 30 i guess. I love it coz we know each other.