One Week

Yesterday marked the end of my first week of classes. It is hard to believe that I have only been on the island for 10 days. It seems like I've been here forever.... and I must be acclimating because I am no longer hot every time I step outside and I've even gotten cold in the lecture halls these past few days. My classes are going well, we really do have amazing professors. Yesterday our Intro to Embryo Lecture was given by Dr. Persaud who co-authored our book, "Before We Are Born" and flies from U of Manitoba in Canada twice a year just to lecture to SGU students. Being in lectures for a straight 4 hours a day has taken some getting use to and labs start next week so I'm going to be even busier. But I have a routine now and like my classes and classmates. I'm off to the anatomy lab to try and figure out what all the muscles of the back look like.


  1. congratulations on making it through your first week!

  2. John Redeker1/24/09, 8:59 PM

    Regina! I happy to hear you are doing well, and I am very proud of you! takes alot to pack up and leave the country to make your dreams come true, I'll keep in touch, World Gym misses you, and don't over work yourself Dr. Troxell

    God Bless and be safe

    -John Redeker