The Coffee Effect

Bored? Love coffee? Want to improve your next timed mile? Look here for an interesting read in the New York Times citing coffee as a performance enhancer. 

Side note: I'm always curious of those people who can make it through the day without a cup of joe. You don't drink coffee? Tea? Why not?!? I guess I started really drinking coffee in high school, it seemed cool, and then in college I discovered Starbucks and the Carmel Macchiato. Those kept me awake through many hours of lecture.  I can skip breakfast but I cannot skip my morning coffee. Does that make me an addict, probably...

I can't say that I've been running many 5Ks since I came to Grenada, okay I confess, I haven't run at all, or gone to the gym, even once... But that's another post.  However, I study with coffee does that count? And in my previous life would work out with coffee. I didn't see anything odd about finishing my afterwork iced coffee while on the treadmill. I never gave it any thought but I guess it improved my ability to run too. How neat!  As for right now, the only thing coffee is improving is my ability to stay awake during lecture...

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