Somewhere Over the Rainbow...

...blue birds fly? Maybe but not in Grenada. Instead we've got cows, geckos and toads!

You never know what you might see walking home. In the past two months I've seen all three.
The cows like to roam around campus and have often been cited across from Mocha Jumby or by an unsuspecting student out for an evening jog. The seems to graze at dusk (the three times I've seen them at least), I have no idea where they are during the day, but I like to think they are the SGU cows. 

The gecko I saw just this past week on my way home from class, I thought he was kind of cute.

The toad greeted me tonight. At first I thought someone put a rock in front of my door and I was about to kick it when I realized that it was alive! I thought I would scare him off or squish him when I opened the door, but no, he just looked at me.  Hopefully he hops away by morning. Else I may have to keep him for a pet. 

Oh, and the rainbow? That is the 2nd one I've seen since arriving. The first one was the day of the white coat ceremony. And now that the semester is half way over I looked out my window and saw this one. I think its a sign. While Grenada may not have blue birds we've got rainbows and critters and cows and our skies are blue and I think dreams do dare come true...

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  1. Cows, geckos, and toads...oh my!
    I think I would've freaked if I would've seen a toad at my doorstep. :)